Textile Chemistry at its Best

With a humble start in 1989, of 12 tons/month with only specialty Silicones Britacel has grown to a whopping 16,000 metric tons/year of Silicones and other textile auxiliary production at present . As we have seen that the key to achieving good finishing is good preparation Britacel is closely associated with Textiles producers to introduce a range of sizing and pre-treatment chemicals.

Britacel is headquartered in Mumbai, with branch offices in North /South India with over 100 associates. Our production facilities are housed in Goa

We surprise our customers with continuous value addition. We are committed to develop tailor make products to serve variety of our esteemed customers




“Add value to your Textile finishing for total customer Satisfaction”

  • We are passionate in innovation to add value in our product.
  • We design the polymer modification to suit the needs of textile dressings.
  • We have proved time and again to be leader of Textile finishing’s.

“One up in finishing of textiles everyday”
Each products of ours leaves its foot prints with remarkable identity on your textiles.
Continued focus on value addition to achieve extra ordinary results for our customers, building satisfying careers for our team member, earning fair return on value we deliver.

“Our hard core team thrive to keep commitments and are honest, fair and trustworthy.”

Out Commitments

We are committed to ownership of products & the environment


We are uncompromising in our integrity, honesty, and fairness, health and safety.


We deliver fault free products.


We are proud of what we do and we enjoy doing it.


We build positive, long term relationships with our customers, partners, suppliers and team member that are built to trust and respect.


  • We are the only company to use Ethicrops for textile finishing.
  • We supports sustainability and we are committed to deliver it on every offer.


  • Rain water harvesting plant at Goa.
  • In last three years we consumed 5-7 million liter rain water for our own Emulsion production.